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What Are the Only Two Mammals That Lay.
When we think of mammals, we often don't realize that a few mammals lay eggs. Learn about the duckbills and the platapus and their unique history as a mammal.
What mammals lay eggs other than the.
Are penguins mammals? No. Penguins are birds and birds are not mammals. They are animals of course, but mammals in general do not lay eggs, they nurse their young, and they.
Name Some Animals That Lay Eggs?
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What mammals lay eggs?
Wildlife Question: Name Some Animals That Lay Eggs? Animals that laying eggs is crocodile,snake,frog,chicken and penguin.
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29.08.2011 · Do rainbow sharks lay the biggest eggs? ChaCha Answer: The ostrich lays the largest egg, weighing up to 3.3 pounds, with a shell 2-mm...
How many mammals lay eggs?
21.02.2008 · http://ask.yahoo.com/20031217.html Well, we knew one at least. we remember learning in school about that odd creature called the platypus (no, it's not a.
Did all dinosaurs lay eggs?
Monotremes. There are only three kinds: the platypus and the short-beaked echidna, both native to Australia, and the long-beaked echidna, native to neighboring New Guinea.
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Wildlife Question: Which Mammals Lay Eggs? Platypus and the echidna are mammals that have the ability to lay eggs. There are two types of echidnas that lay eggs, the long.
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A List of Animals That Lay Eggs. Many animals lay eggs, ranging from the extinct dinosaurs all the way to ducks, sea turtles and turkeys. You wonder why turkey eggs aren't.
How many kinds of mammals lay eggs?
04.06.2008 · Oviparous Birds, reptiles and some mammals and tecnically insects and antropods and so on and so on but OVIPAROUS animals lay eggs
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With so many species of mammals there are millions of interesting mammal facts out there, here you will be able to see many mammal facts.
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There are only five living monotreme species: the duck-billed platypus and four species of echidna (also known as spiny anteaters). All of them are found only in Australia and.
What are the 3 mammals that lay eggs?.
What Are the Only Two Mammals That Lay Eggs Rather Than Give Live Birth?. Mammals are separated from other animal classes by characteristics such as milk-producing mammary.
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17.12.2003 · Dear Yahoo!: How many mammals lay eggs? Ace Lynnwood, Washington: Dear Ace: Well, we knew one at least. we remember learning in school about that odd creature.